Included Facilities

We have town water which is slightly brackish. This is used for everything but drinking. It is stored in a cistern and is distributed via a pressure pump on demand. Drinking water comes in canisters and is refilled by delivery.

110V. This is quite reliable although Puerto Ayora does return to the simpler days with a power cut every now and then. Although fuel and thus, electricity is subsidized, our house is designed to try to be as sustainable as possible in order to do our part in reducing the diesel that is shipped in and the associated pollution and greenhouse emissions.  This means that we try to use as little electricity as possible by reducing unnecessary electrical appliances and designing our house to keep naturally cool and fresh during most of the year. Please be aware on minimizing electrical use!

The same gas canister is used for heating the water and for the gas stove. Therefore, if one runs out, you’ll know that you don’t have both and can detect the reason. Please inform us should this happen and we will change the canister. Water is heated on demand through  a gas water heater.

We have an assistant who knows the running of the house and keeps it clean and functioning while occupied and unoccupied. In a saline, humid, tropical environment, this is necessary as appliances quickly oxidize and render themselves useless and bugs quickly take over. Our assistant will be present during your stay to maintain the house, change bed sheets weekly, make the beds, replace towels, gardening, wash up dishes, tidy kitchen and bathrooms. If you want the minimum presence of our assistant, please inform us and we can arrange for this although she will need to check on the up-keep of the house weekly should your tenancy runs longer than a week. Our assistant works from 0800hrs until 1230hrs.
Our assistant also offers extra services for the local standard fee if requested and if available:
*Washing, drying and folding (ironing if necessary) of clothes!
*Shopping for groceries and other food items! Fruit, vegetables, meats and fish are often bought fresh and used on the same day as they quickly go bad. One has to know where to buy them. You will often not get what you’re looking for and have to adapt with what there is.
*Lunch time cooking and/or kitchen assistance! Starting to cook from scratch is often time-consuming with a lot of chopping involved. Assistance during lunch hour is often invaluable! 
*Baby-sitting service!

WIFI internet connection
We have about the fastest connection you can get in Galapagos which although being painfully slow and erratic compared to the mainland, is still useful for internet calls, e-mails and general internet browsing. In order to link up, you will need your own laptop computer with WIFI. We will give you the security code and you’ll be free to navigate from all parts of the house and grounds.

Bedlinen & Towels
These are provided by us so you don’t need to bring any.

We have three double ocean kayaks with two seats and two top of the range paddles each, available for your use whenever you like. The kayaks are useful if you want to explore Academy Bay and adjacent Devine Bay. Beware of the intense traffic of zodiacs and boats around the main municipal dock! In order to use them and take them from the house to the municipal dock and viceversa please contact us or our assistant for instructions.