Sights and Activities

Hernan’s Café.- Av. Baltra and Charles Darwin.  Opens daily 7h00-23h00.  International food.  Home delivery pizzas. Tel: 2526573 / 093448001
Tintorera.- Pelican Bay, Av. Charles Darwin and Floreana.  International food.  Opens 8h00-22h00 mon-sat.  Closed on Sundays.
La Garrapata.- Av. Charles Darwin.  International food.  Opens 08h00-22h00 mon-sat, closed on Sundays.
La Dolce Italia.- Av. Charles Darwin. Italian food.  Opens 11h00-15h00 and 17h00-22h00.
El Chocolate.- Av. Charles Darwin opposite Banco del Pacifico. 
El Salvavidas.- By the Municipal Dock.  Typical ecuadorian food.  Opens 07h00-21h00 daily.
The Red Sushi.- Av. Charles Darwin. Japanese food. Opens daily.
Angermayer Point.- Across the bay, view of the water (take a water taxi to get there). Western style, international food. Opens daily 17h00-22h00, lunchtime on Sundays.
Kioscos Street.- Look out for ServiSabroson and Williams Kiosk for ecuadorian home-made dishes.  Open daily from 18h00-22h00 (William closes on Sundays).

Except for Proinsular, supermarkets in Puerto Ayora usually close at midday until 3:30pm.  Always double-check expiry dates when you purchase goods.
Proinsular.- By the Municipal dock.
Primavera.- Av. Baltra opposite San Francisco school
MegaPrimavera.- Near the everyday market.
Comercial Rocio.- Av. Baltra opposite Pacifictel

Mercado Municipal.- Av. Baltra. Opens daily. Best selection of the limited supply of fresh goods.
Feria.- opens Saturday mornings only, from 6h00-10h00. Get there early for better choice and prices.

Pelican bay.-  Just turn up any time to find out the choice of the moment.

Any taxi ride within Puerto Ayora costs $1.00.  Puerto Ayora-Bellavista $2.00  Puerto Ayora-Santa Rosa $6.00.  Puerto Ayora-Canal de Itabaca $15.00.  Puerto Ayora-Garrapatero $15.00.  Puerto Ayora-Media Luna $6.00

Movil Iguanita.-  Driver Giovanni.  Tel: 093855426
Movil 24.- Driver Milton. Tel: 094452073
Movil Tango.- Tel: 097375246

ASHERAYA CENTRE.- YOGA.- At the CDRS Conference room, tue & thu from 6-8pm. For availabilities and prices contact Mrs Anne Guezou, tel:

Always remember to take the right precautions to prevent sunburn and dehydration! Don’t take valuables to the beach.

  • CDRS or “Playa de la Estacion”.- On the way to the C. Darwin Research Station, pass the GNP information office, walk another 200m on your right hand side there is a small sign and a white sandy narrow trail to the beach.
  • Playa de los Alemanes.- On the “other side”.  At the municipal dock, take an aquataxi ($0.50 per person) and quote “muelle del Finch Bay Hotel”.  Then, follow the trail to the hotel.
  • Tortuga bay.- From Av. Baltra, follow the sign to Tortuga bay.  2.5km walk (one way) to the first beach, then another kilometer to the calm bay (or “playa mansa”).  Take precautions against sun exposure and plenty of water.  Beware of the first beach, there are strong currents and undertow!
  • Garrapatero.- Located on the SE of Santa Cruz.  You must take a taxi for a 45 min ride to the beginning of the trail, then a 25 min walk to the beach.  Calm beach but beware of the rocks you don’t see underwater!  Take plenty of water, snacks and sun protection.  Look out for flamingoes and pintail ducks behind the beach, but make sure to follow the National Park rules.


Scuba Iguana.- On the Charles Darwin Av., by the cemetery. Phone: 2526497.
Nautidiving.- On the Charles Darwin Av., by the tortoise statue. Phone: 2526096.
Subaqua.- On the Charles Darwin Av., opposite the fish market. Phone: 2526633.

This is just a short list of other places to see in Santa Cruz. We kindly ask you to study and observe the Galapagos National Park Rules, which apply in all these places:

  • Charles Darwin Research Station
  • CDRS Coastal walk
  • Bellavista
  • Los Gemelos
  • El Chato Tortoise Reserve
  • Steve Devine’s Butterfly Ranch
  • Primicias Ranch
  • Media Luna, El Puntudo and Cerro Crocker
  • Playa de los Perros and Tintoreras
  • Las Grietas
  • Academy bay tour



Islands you can visit on a day tour include:
North Seymour Island
Bachas Beach, Santa Cruz Island
Bartolome Island
South Plaza Island
Santa Fe Island

For prices, departures, itineraries and availabilities call:

Yate Santa Fe II.- Charles Binford street, on the way to Tortuga Bay. Tel: 2526593, ext. 107.  Contact Marielena Rueda (she speaks English and is the owner).

Yate Sea Finch.- Contact the staff of the Finch Bay Hotel (located at Playa de los Alemanes). Tel:

Yate Galapagos Shark.- Represented by Hotel Lobo de Mar, situated next to the Police Station. Tel: 2526188.


Please contact us regarding these as these are our speciality.