There are two seasons in Galapagos: a hot, wet season lasting from January to April and a cool, dry season lasting from May to December. The rainy season tends to have occasional tropical showers and is hot, still and calm. The average air temperature is 30ºC and water temperature, 26ºC.

The cool, ‘dry’ season doesn’t have the tropical rains of the wet months but light drizzles or low cloud will sometimes occur. Days are bright and sunny and a comfortable temperature, although there can also be days of prolonged gray skies during this season. The average air temperature is 24ºC and water temperature 19ºC.

The change-over seasons are often compared to springtime, giving the best of both worlds: warm days and water and blue skies. In theory, these are the months of December/January and April/May, but as with all weather, there are no clear dates.

To compound things further, every several years, and with no pattern or schedule, the ‘El Niño’ phenomenon occurs. This brings rainfalls one hundred times more than average, air temperature of up to 35ºC, and water temperature of about 30ºC.